Bye bye November

Hola peepz~~ Today is the last day of November dy lor. Time flies huh~~ So what have you all achieved or done or got or had or whatever lah for the past whole month? It seems like my November is just a week. Too fast....too fast....

In 2 more weeks, it will be my 6th month working for this new co. So far so good. Except for the same old pc sickness. And also, by the mid of Dec (should be) I'll be back to class =D Back to school~! Yay~! To get myself a diploma cert and to graduate myself =) I know I shouldn't let go my CAT last time but it's gone so don't complain or scold or look back cos it's no use that I can't turn back time.

So yes I've decided to go back study. Taking LCCI this time. If I'm not mistaken, the course is only 6months. So I shall call myself a graduate next year June =D *Viki! I'm doing it so can you!*

Just went to tut-tut some cash from bank this noon to ready for school fees. Bo lui liaw~ Apa macam? Fees ain't cheap. And ah! I really don't understand how the mutual funds actually work. Why do we need to invest every month? I thought it's one time investment then wait it rise up then we sell off? Not like that meh? If invest every month then they charge us admin fee. I saw it in the statement ok. I'm not stupid. But yeah I'm stupid to actually invest in that. Kinda regret now. Urgh!!! Suak!


Next is what?

NEXT IS CHRISTMAS LAH!!!!!!! =D Mum was asking me what to do during Christmas day worh. Any idea? I seriously don't know what to do since the next day everyone's working =/ Diuz~ Oh! And I have a surprise for everyone on the 23th of Dec =DD Check out all the outlet of Sports Toto ok? Muah~~
Put up your Christmas decor yet? Me not yet =) Lazy + lazy + more lazy = nothing =D Maybe will put it up this weekend. See ya all under the mistletoe~ Kekeke =D


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