Dessert Paradise

Last Saturday was Darren Koko's birthday. Me and baby went to dine at ko's place. Just a small lil gathering =) I was so rush that I had to head out at the very last minute to grab a present for him =.=''' Haha! Ah Mei here wana wish Ah Ko 'Happy Birthday' first. And may all your wishes come true =D

Anyway, after dinner me and baby left earlier to try out a newly opened shop at Jalan Song. It's call Dessert Paradise. I forgot to take pic of the signboard =/ It's located at Precinct 88. Quite easy to spot the shop.
This is the counter. Small but have a comfy look.
I don't know why but everywhere I go surely I'll take pic of the lights =D
That night it was packed with lots and lots of humans!!! We thought there's no more seat left. But luckily some left =) Seats are quite limited though.

I did take pic of the menu but it's blur due to the dim lights there. So am refusing to post it up. Let's see what they have =P~~

This is my Mango Pomelo Soup~! They said it's their signature dessert. Not bad not bad. Ada ice-cream lagi =DD RM4.50.
Baby said the ice-cream looks like egg yolk =.='''
Kekeke =D It's been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long since I last post up my own pics. Haiz...been lack of camwhoring and self-loving lately =(
And then!!! See this super exagerrated dessert! It's HUGE ok!!! I mean the bowl. Haha! This one is the mixture of papaya + watermelon + coconut + ice-cream. Soli ha! I forgot the angmo name. But baby said the chinese one is 夏日情怀. He is china man so he only remembers chinese name. Hahahahaha!!!!
And I personally think this flower is quite out of place. Hahaha!!!
Looks nice? But I don't like coconut. Hehe =P This one costed RM5.
AND I LOVE THIS PIC!!!!! Taken by me and only ME!!!!!!

You guys can go try try lor. Not bad lah I think =)


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