PluRk pLUrk~~

It turned out to be a boring lazy Sunday for me. Stayed up quite late last night to watch Ppstream with Viki. Haha! I was on MR YES while he's on 2012. This morn woke up at 11am feeling super duper truper lazy so I just on my pc til now.

Facebook checked. Blog checked. Friends updates checked. What else?

Since there's nothing new in fb that interests me, so I decided to try on Plurk which has been the 'thing' that goes around my friends. Everyone is either Twittering or Plurking away. I pun kiasu lah~ Join the gang =D

Signed up. Edit here edit there. Trying to learn what's this and what's that.

And wahla~~~
This is how my layout turns out to be. I know it looks normal. But the rest doesn't seem to get my interest. I'm never into pink layout. Haha! So I chose a rather 'emo' ones =.=''' Why so emo?

Looked around for friends via my email. Found Ahlost, Sharon, Allen and Pazuzu. Then digged into their friends and found more friends =D Happy! But still not quite satisfied.

My question: Why their Karma all so high??? And why they have dancing banana??? Haha! Nvm will figure that out later.

So people~ If you know me, please add me can? Hehe =D See my friends list. Only satu orang which is auto added. Stupid thing. Haha!

Til then~ See you all at Plurk~~~


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