Popcorn Failure!!!!

Last night me and mom and bro went to Spring for some jalan jalan time and shopping~ So we ended up buying groceries at Ta Kiong. Me and bro found this Popping Microwave Popcorn and thought of giving it a try. He said he wanted to buy before but mom don't allow. Haha!

And so, we tried to make it just now. Let's see...I think this cost about RM3.80. Can't really remember and doesn't bother to read the receipt which I assumed had been thrown away by mom. Hehe =D
This is the package inside. It has indications of which side is facing up and which side facing down. They must have their own reason for that. Which I don't know what.
Still got warning =.=''' And they have more warning behind the bag. Haha!
Please remove the plastic wrapping. Hmm..DUH! Else how are you gonna take this paper bag out???
Now this is the hard part. Cos you see. Firstly, mine isn't fully microwave. It's microwave oven. And secondly, the dial (as taught by Cikgu Chong) to adjust the degree is spoilt which is so gg. So I don't even know what degree it is on! How to put into full power??? So I just put it in without bothering. Haha!
Stay and listen. Ok I did. But I didn't hear anything =.=''' Do not overcook. Hahaha!!! You shall see the result later.
And then it's done just like that? O.o???
Ok let's put it into the microwave and see what happens.
Waited waited waited.....Nothing happens. Hm?? I looked at bro and bro looked at me. Maybe we should do something to the paper bag. So I switched it off. Take the bag out and pull here and there so it's bit fatter. Haha! Put back again and waited and waited.
After half an hour =.=''' Hahaha! And the instruction says 1-5 minutes? I guess it's my microwave's degree not right. Hehe =DD
And so after 40minutes inside the microwave. I took it out and opened the wraping. Inilah hasilnya! FAIL! But I was so not satisfied so I told bro to put those 'unpopped' corns into a metal bowl and I put it back into the microwave for half more hour. Hahaha!!!
After half more hour. This is what it turned out to be. Still fail. But I get to see how the popcorns start to pop and fly all over inside the microwave. HAHAHA!!!!
And fyi, it's really overcooked!!! Some taste 'chao huey ta'. Hahaha!!!

Lessons learnt!
1) Need to get a proper microwave with BUTTONS instead of DIALS! That way mom or bro or me won't turn til it's broken.
2) Must always follow instruction. But then again, my microwave is stupid.
3) Hmm.....Must always experience things your own way. The instructions didn't say I could take it out and put on a bowl!!!!

Anyway, bro had them all cos I don't feel like eating dy. Hahaha!!!


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