Top scorers of SK St Joseph Kuching

Yes darlingsssss~~~~~

Last Thursday the result for UPSR had been announced!


SK St Joseph Kuching had 21 straight As student! And one of them is my bro~!

Hip hip hooooRAY~~~

Of course I'm proud =D Well I told him to get either straight As or 4As 1B and that was the lowest. Haha! Pressure leh. Cos I just don't want him to score lower than I did. And yeap! He proved to me that he's smart! He got better than I did =DD


He even got a short interview by Borneo Post that morning. Haha! Let's read what he said...

I hope I can actually maximize this pic. Aihh...My bro's the one in front row to the right. Haha! A school prefect that's him =D

I'll read you the sentence alright.

"Meanwhile, fellow high achiever Jong Zhuin Yong did not force himself to study. Although he spent time on revision, attended extra classes in school and tuition classes, Jong also allocated time for play and leisure. 'My study time is always until 10pm every night because beyond that it is hard for me to focus,' he said."

Haha! Donkeyness. Still dare say time for play and leisure. Was on his ps2 the whole time =.=''' But ah! It's all over. Now that he scored it. Guess what he got?

A brand new maroon color PSP! Urgh! Hahaha! Mum and dad got him that. And he's askin for something from me =.='''

Anyway, here's to bro~! Congratz! I know you can make it! =D


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