2009 Annual Lunch

Yesterday noon boss brought us all 5 staff and another lawyer to lunch at Mei San Restaurant which is located at Grand Magherita (I think that's how you spell that?). Used to be Holiday Inn. Hehe =)

My first time there. Suaku never know such place exist =.=''' When stepped into Grand Magherita, found out it's newly renovated! It now looks like Sarawak Plaza. Haha! Typical KL style of a hotel.
Setting on the table. A simple classic Chinese restaurant lor.
I like the ceiling and the chandelier. Hehe =)
The only funny thing there is that, there's no people!!! Only another table and us. Whoosh! How did they survive? And the staff doesn't really know how to serve us lor. We asked stuff, they blur blur like that.
Sorry no pics of food cos am very paiseh to snap pics when everyone was busy eating. Haha!

My comment? I'm not going back for a few reason.
1. I don't fancy Chinese restaurant.
2. It's EXPENSIVE!!!
3. The service quite suck lor. You eat halfway ah, they suddenly come and collect ur plates. So weird right?
4. No one goes there. Hahaha!!!

Am being super kiasu here. Trying to think of as many things as possible to post. Haha! All cos tonight I won't be blogging around cos will be kidnapped by my darling to don't-know-where. And I hope my memory still works. Hmm...what else did I missed???


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