2nd Sudoku Competition

Aloha!!!! This morning the internet sucks. Even til noon. Only until 5smth just now that I was able to get online. Fuh~ So many things to update and post!!! Gonna grab a quick post here.

Yesterday noon I went to join the Sudoku competition again! I know I know. I know I joined before. But then the management called me up past few days and asked if I wana join, so what the heck right? Go for it lah~ Since I like sudoku so much also. But this time, I didn't go alone. I asked friends and cousins to join with me. End up, Ing Ing joined the competition with me. And this time, I thought, just go for the fun of it lor~

So I went straight after work. Reached there, super hungry! Baby reached too. We both went KFC for our lunch. Used the voucher which I got from previous competition. Hee~ Mamam Zinger burger with cheezy wedges~~ Yum yum~~

Competition starts at 2pm. Chee wasn't able to make it cos she's not feeling well. Huu huu~

The staff of Sarawak Plaza management. We were told to be there 15 mins before the competition starts.
And then, this is like going back to school. Attendance check =.=''' Haha! And again, no one ever knows how to pronounce my name well. Sigh...So hard mea???
And the man says, "Prizes all sponsored by Celcom. Ada handphone or not I'm not sure. It's a surprise. A Christmas present for you guys =)". Hahaha! So it's a different prize this time.
2pm sharp! Let's start!!!
Lady in grey distributing questions 1.
Lady in black distributing question 2.

We were given 2 questions at first. Solve both. Then hand up and get question 3. Solve that too then get question 4. Then baru finish. 4 questions instead of 2!!!
There were more people this time =) Should be about 40 of us?
Damn my heart was beating so fast that time. Hahaha! It's as if it's gonna fall out anytime!!!
Weeee~~~ See! I'm done with question 1 & 2 and asking for the third one. Kekeke =D

And baby went jalan jalan alone with my camera. Huuuuu~~~
Advertisement time. Haha! Ok this was when I'd done all the question =DD This time I managed to solve it all =DDD~~~
Sarawak Plaza has all the Christmas decor up~ And I supposed so is everywhere else eh? =)
Ok time's up!!! 3.30pm sharp! And I actually spent 3 hours in just Sarawak Plaza??? Break record ui!!!!
Jeng jeng jeng!!!! Announcing the winner~~~
2nd Runner up goes to....sorry friend but I forgot your name.
1st Runner up is also a man. Hmm...and the guy was saying "Maybe it's a man's day?"

Let's see....












AND THE WINNER IS MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I WON FIRST PRIZE UIIIIIIIII~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
My wish came true!!!!!!!!! Miracles do happen =DD

Wana know what I got? Stay tuned!!!!


ahlost said…
Aiyohhh.. Congrats wei...

how did they actually count who's the winner?

done all in the shortest time?


got all the answers correct?



You never expect that you'll win meh?
aNgeL-cuPid said…
hahaha!!! thanks thanks~! yes done in the shortest time and must be correct answers. hehe =D i didn't expect to win cos i didn't look at other people marh. was concentrating myself there. haha!

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