Boring nightout

Last night me and baby went Westwood for dinner. Since I won first prize for the competition, so I'm paying for the dinner. Baby bullied me!!! Haha!
I'm so hype!!! Still am now!!!
He went GG and don't wana hiu me cos I'm so hype! Hahahaha!!! Blek~~
Me had Ribena sprite while baby had Sarsi. Lala~ Don't know why I never really like Sarsi =/ But I love love LOVE RIBENA!!!!
Instead of going for chicken chop, baby chose to have spaghetti. Not bad worh~! Can try =D
While I opt for a different one too! Lamb chop!!!! Nice ui!!!! Really nice ui!!! MUST TRY!!!! And it's like only RM9.50!!! And why oh why I never seen it on menu before???

So after dinner, we wanted to go Spring for some Christmas and CNY shopping BUT HOR!!!!! It's super jam!!! The carpark all full. Aihh...bopien~ I want go Spring but Spring don't let me. Kesian betol~

So we went to Kenyalang. But no! So many people too? What the heck is going on??? Then where else to go? Boulevard too far. Town area got no other place to go. Call friends all so far away. Sien nye~~~

End up?

Yeah. We ended up at petrol station. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
Why Kuching so boriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiingggggggggggggg??????????

I just wish I have a wand to speed up all those mall openings. Aihh~~~


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