Christmas Eve's eve @ Sports Toto

Finally!!! I got the photos of me as Santarina~~~ Lalala~~ Wana know what happened? Hehe =D

It falls on the 23rd of Dec. I took a day off from work to be at another place. Well, should say all around Kuching! Woke up not-that-early that morning, get ready and pile my face with make-ups. Huu huu~~ So long didn't put on blusher dy. Haha!

Then drove down to aunty's house at about 10smth. And aunty drove me over to headquarters. Manager told me to reach at about 11-ish. So I reached at 11am sharp!

Manager came. Officer came. Greet greet. Intro intro. It's been so long since I last stepped into the hq. Used to go there often with my mom when I was little. Hehe =P~
So here we are. Picture taken at Sports Toto Headquarters which is located at Rock Road. Manager is Aunty Helen and officer is Ah Ong. He's too young to be called uncle. Hahaha!!!
And my job? Is to distribute packets of cookies to customers~!
We went around from one outlet to the other.
And I was to say "Merry Christmas". Said that for the whole day til it got into my head and kept saying it to friends after that. Hahaha!!!
These two really hype when they saw me. I don't know why. Hahaha!
This one was at King Centre outlet. It was rather quiet in the morning though.
I think this is someone from next door shop. Kekeke =D
I think this is Green Road outlet. And this uncle looks familiar. Hmm....
Don't know which outlet. Manager helped me carry the cookies too. Haha! Paiseh betol~
This also forgot where. 3rd mile? Not sure =)
Is this uncle eyeing for more? Hahaha! Some asked for another packet. While some doesn't even wana take from me =/ Weird weird people~
The end. The day was tiring but I had so much fun! I love to be involved with events and activities even if I have to busy myself all day long.

So, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! It's still Christmas!!!

p/s: Manager said next year still got worh =DD


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