Christmas Lunch

On Christmas day, I was rather lazy. Haha! Stayed up all night for countdown. But well, didn't go out. Countdown by ourselves at home. And via sms to everyone~ I must do something different next year. Cannot always like this. Bored die!

So anyway, early morning I wake up to open pressie of course~ Hehe =D Will reveal my presents in the next post. Then I came online to update status and blog some stuff (I think). Mom said wana go out for lunch and then some shopping in the noon. While darling said wana go for dinner at night. How leh? Lazy worh~ Hahaha!

But still dragged myself out of my comfy chair. Went lunch with mom and bro at the newly opened After Four which is located at Nanas Road. Mom and bro went there before. But it's my first time there. Snap snap time!
If you know where Kuching Porridge is then you'll know where this is. Heee~ It's at the small roundabout somewhere at Nanas Road. Lala~
No Pork. No Lard. No Cigarette. No Alcohol.
Christmas theme all up~
Even on the mirror. Hehe =)
There used to be an antique car here. Probably they moved it away to other branch. Sien betol~
If you do notice, outside every After 3, After 4, After 5 and all the banquets banquets, there surely is a fountain or waterfall. Feng shui? =)
A nice place to chill in the afternoon~
I had wheat grass. So long didn't drink dy. Was plurking halfway. Haha!
Ok I don't know what this is but it's SUPERB!!!
Mom ordered dim sum~~
While I have the set lunch. It's beef rice with dessert.
It's my all-time favourite Gu Bakz~~
Dessert~! Yummy~!

Comment? The food there is not bad and price very very reasonable. Tryout oki~ But er...somehow I prefer After 3. Probably cos of the location and people =D That's if you get what I mean.


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