E-Drive Spoilt

Sien betol!!! I still have lots more pichas to upload. But hor hor hor!!! I found out that my cd-rom is spoilt. Haiz...


1. I cannot install the Samsung software into pc which makes it impossible to transfer pic
2. I cannot watch movies from dvd via pc
3. I have to figure out how to transfer pic from Samsung to this pc cos the stupid photo format doesn't work in my Nokia! Urgh!
4. Matilah need to spend another 100 lui on the next pc fair
5. Sienness KILLS!!!

How now brown cow?

Better get my blog done before 2009 ends. Gonna try modify or simplify or whateverfy my other blog soon. Cos the current layout damn lousy. Too small for my sidebar widgets. Aihh...


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