Glutinous Rice Festival

Tomorrow is the day again. The Glutinous Rice Festival is here. Should be called 'Tong Zi'. Whenever this day comes, the old folks will say "Another year older" cos it's towards the end of year for the Chinese.

So ladies and gentlemen and guys and gurls~

Have you all make your own glutinous rice balls at home? Or are you gonna eat out again?

I had just made two plates of glutinous rice balls with my bro just now =)
Here's something fun to try out. I'm not sure if I'd posted this before but it's ok. Can always post again. Here goes~

Tomorrow morning, get a first scoop of glutinous rice balls from the pot. Must take it on your own. Not mom or dad or maid take for you! Or even bro or sis! Take only ONE scoop. Not spoon lah please. Use the one you normally use to take soups. Then COUNT! Count how many is in your FIRST scoop.

If it's odd number, then it means you're still single and available. Hahaha! If your number is 2, 4, 6, 8... bro said it's call prime numbers. I don't know cos I don't study maths in english. So anyway, if it's prime numbers, then it means you're married. Ho ho ho~

Happy trying~


ahlost said…
yes.. you posted that before :D
aNgeL-cuPid said…
hahaha!!! posted also can post marh =P

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