Lina's wedding

Time for the wedding pics~~~

Lina and husband, David had their wedding lunch far up at Sri Aman's Civic Centre. My first time touched down Sri Aman =D

Oh and the logo there is a pair of dove. Sign of peace. For some historical reason.
Jeng jeng jeng!!!! Remember buy Toto 4d ah!!!!

Different from the ordinary. The ribbon is tied to the side. Love love~~
That's us. From left to right: Mawar's niece, Mawar, Lina, David, Ann (boss), Ms Tay and me! I look so kns in this pic. Urgh!!! Bad posture bad lighting!!!

And also, no pics of food taken cos we were seated with strangers. Bad bad!
Uh oh! Flash got to the wrong place. The couple looked dark here. Soweee~
Nice cake kan?
Time for cheers~~~

Ok so the groom was asked to shout for us. Hahahaha!!!

Happy wedding to Lina and David~!


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