Pumpkin Cafe

Wookie~~ I know this cafe had been opened for quite some time dy. But it's really been a while since I last step foot at Jalan Song =) I know my darling lives there but seriously, you'll rarely find me there =D

So, my cuzzy Ing Ing came back from KL for school holiday. And the trios again~ Never missed! Went out for dinner~~~
Dah~ I know this is familiar and that my camera sucks that night and I don't know where did my photography mood went. Lala~
My che chez~ One is Dr Tan and one is (according to Viki) the strawberry girl. Hahaha!
I look weird in this photo. Hmm....BAD!!!
Christmas decor is up everywhere~!~!~! I'm checking out Spring this weekend! I know there's white castle with gigantic christmas trees!!!
There's another cafe at the other end with tv!!! But I don't know what's the name of that cafe. Anyone?
Ahh...brighter one!!! Cos took without flash mah! Bodohnye~
Oh~ Not only the trios were there. Baby came along after he went dinner with his bro and Viki tagged along to eat too. Hehe =D
Ok only pic of my food. It's er....chicken chop with rice. Not bad lah. I like the rice but not the chop. Haha! Chee had sirlion steak which is GOOD!!!

My comment? I might go back there when I'm rich. Haha! Cos the drinks are rather expensive. RM2.50 for canned drinks? No way! I would rather go Kado. Huuuhuuuu~~~

So til then~

Trios coming with more activities soon~~~


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