Random stuff before 2009 ends~

Hmm...and I still thought there's lots pic I haven't post. Adalah. Still in my Samsung phone. Haih...suan le bah~ Blog about them next year. Haha! Please remind me not to take photos with my Samsung anymore. Huu huu~~~
This school bus pic was taken during office hour. Was looking outside the window from my room, saw a HUGE LONG school bus! So long didn't see these types around lor. Nowadays only short ones. Haha! It's so long ok! I wonder how the driver drives in and out of such small space in front of my office. Kiang du si kiang!

I think it's some kids from some tadika went to Hollywood Bridal there take pic. So noisy lor. They ran up and down the stairs =.=''' Like never run like that.

And when they leaving hor. They wave like crazy to the uncle downstairs. Walao eh! Kids are all the same.

Familiar with this mustard hotdog? Hehe =D I've always wanted to try it out. Pic taken at Chicago 7. Went down there for dinner at a random night to be with darling cos he's meeting some client. It's huge arh! And nice too! *thumbs up!*

Ok that's all for this post. More post coming up! (I hope!) Stay tuned!


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