Santa Claus @ Boulevard

Last weekend me and mom and bro and bf went to Boulevard to do some Christmas and CNY shopping. And of course, to see how is the decor there. Hehe =)
Their theme is a little different. Instead of the normal Santa Claus and reindeer o huge gigantic Christmas tree, they had fairies~!~! I love fairies~!~! But loving angels and cupids more!!! Haha!
Lalala~ Sorry but I don't know what is this called =(
Wait...are these really fairies? Cos they look like something else...flower fairy?

weeeeeeeee~~~~~~~~ PATRICK!!!!! I love dogs!!! And I love red!!! And Patrick is the combination of dogs and red!!!
Gingerbread house done by Taka Cake House. Nice kan? Still got blue lights worh!!! And little Santa and snowmen~!
This toy section is just next to Pizza Hut. They said Santa is coming
Santa and Santarinas~
And yeap~ We dined at Pizza Hut.
Ho Ho Ho~!~!~! Here comes Santa and his lovely Santarina~! Only met one real life walking Santa this year. Sad =(


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