Trip to Sri Aman

Yesterday we had a long trip to Sri Aman to attend one of my colleague, Lina's wedding. Her husband is from Sri Aman so they had their lunch wedding there.

Early morning about 7.20am the bf came to pick me up. Then we head down to my office to pick up another colleague, Ms Tay and headed over to boss's house. Cos we don't wanna drive up so many car, might as well just squeeze into one.

Went to breakfast with boss at Kwong Hup at Jalan Keretapi. The food there sucks. Haha! Then we met up with another colleague, Mawar and her family and our long journey begins.

It was exciting at first. Then when it started to rain bit and the hot sun came out. It's tiring. We didn't stop by Siburan nor Serian. Instead we went further up to have a break.

A small lil town called Lachau.Selamat Datang ke Pekan Lachau. It's still a pekan. Not yet a kota like Padawan. The place is really small. The logo for Lachau is the cicakz. Yuck! =P~
These statues are just next to the welcome sign. Looks like the locals there.
Adalah someone met his buddy. Hahaha!
There's a small recreational park.
With children slides...
And swings...
And a big kid =.='''
I told you he's a big kid. Hahahaha!!! Sorry darling but this pic is too cute to not post it up. =D
Along the way we saw lots of Nangkas and Cempedaks. Sorry I don't know the difference. And here at the market there's more =/
And rambutans too. Lots and lots and lots of rambutan trees!!!
The very small market.

So after a cuppa coffee. We continued our journey up. Will post up wedding pics later~


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