2009 NYE

Ok so finally I'm here blogging about something that happened 17 days ago. Fuh~ Haha! Let's just browse through on how I celebrated my New Year's Eve ok~

Darling came to pick me at the usual hour. The weather was on drizzling mode that night. Wet wet NYE. Darling kept it a secret as to where he's bringing me. Doesn't even wana tell me. Haha! But well, I did somehow guessed the place but then I told him not to say if I'm right or wrong. Kekeke =D

Where did we end up at?

Familiar interior anyone? It's been opened since I-don't-know-when but surely it's damn OLD!!! Anyone familiar with the old trusty San Francisco Grill? =DD

And of course~ Christmas decoration was still up everywhere!

The specialty about this place is that, they don't play music via some music players or anything that works on its own. INSTEAD! They got this damn geng pianist there to play for THE WHOLE NIGHT!!! Damn GOOD!!!!!

Ok so the menu was kinda fixed. You only need to choose between two choices of the main course and tea or coffee. Price? RM60 per pax. Let's just see if it's worth it =)

Candle, salt and pepper on our table =P~ Duh~ Oh and also a glass of water each =)

The appetizer~ Caesar salad IN A HUGE PORTION! Gawd it's sooooo......luckily I managed to finish it all =/ Was already quarter full after this salad. ONLY APPETIZER WUI!!!

And then the soup of the night, mushy mushy soup~! This one is NICE!!! Oh the salad was nice too!!!

Abuden~ mushy soup MUST be accompanied by garlic bread =D The garlic bread is ALOT ok! There's like 4 pieces for only 2 person! It's long and THICK!

Ahh....now now...MY main course~~ Beef beef beEF BEEF!!!!!!! I eat guuuuuuu~~~~ It's er...roasted beef IF I'M NOT MISTAKEN!!! Already 17 days ok! Please forgive me STM! And I tell you nAo! THIS IS DAMN GREAT!!!!!! Super tender and soft and saucey and uhmmm~~ SUPER GREAT!!!! Seriously!!!

And then...since darling can't take beef, so he opt for chicken~ Eating himself up? o.O??? Haha! His I can remember well that it's roasted chicken~ Lala~ Now please tell me what you see in this picture above? ISN'T THAT QUARTER OF THE WHOLE CHICKEN???? OR IS IT HALF OF THE CHICKEN???? Dang!!! He couldn't finish it. HAHAHAHA!!!! In the end he gave up the breast part. =DD

Lai~ Let's have some cake~ Ok so they went a little 'stingy' on the dessert. The cake is like fwah 'big' lor~ Kekeke =D

So! What do you think? Nice kan? Sorry the pictures are all bad cos I paiseh wana buka flash~ *blush!* Anyway, I think IT'S SUPER WORTHY!!!! MUST go back and try somemore!!!

Ok next station!

Our original plan was to dinner and then to Hills Mall and then to countdown somewhere in Travilion probably. But then~ Nope. We end up countdown at Hills since they're having one there. Haha! Come come let's follow me to climb the Hills at Kuching~!

Orang sakai go new mall MUST take photo lah!!! Not of me! And not of him! But of the building! =D

Still many shops not operating. But Digi is already ON! I will follow you~ Follow you wherever you will go~ Even up the Hills~ =P~

Erm...sorry I didn't go see that shop. Don't know what is that. Doesn't attract me though~

Let's go downstairs~ Oh we went parking and reach the upper level first. Haha! From afar it does look a little like Spring. Just a little smaller.

Minex jewellery having roadshow. I think they're gonna open a shop there.
Oh hello~ Myhairsucksmyhairsucksmyhairsucksmyhairsucksmyhairsucks!!!!!!

I loooooooveeeeeeeee~~~~ this cute cute CUTE stool!!!!

Yay!!! We were trying to find our way up to Pullman but couldn't find the lift. Haha! Kuchinglang du si Kuchinglang! Oh I skipped the part that was happening at downstairs cos too many pics. Gonna split them into 2 other post =)

BIIIIIIIIGG kan????? HUUUUUUUUGGEEEE!!!!!!! Oh and there you are!
And me and me AND ME!!!!!! Kiasu betol~ Eeee!!! My blouse actually matched with the Christmas tree's decor!!! Hahaha!!!

And US~~~ =DD Mu mu~~~

Oooo.....the balls turned gold when I zoomed onto them o.O!!!!

Now this is how the tree looks like if you're only 2 feet tall. Hahahaha!!!!

Come come let's walk around the lobby~ Nice nice sculpture~~

DejaVu~ A small bar by the entrance~
The waiting area. I see kids onlining there. Everyone of them has a laptop! Kids nowadays~

That is Chat Cafe~

And this is....

Nu Er Hong. Serves Chinese food~

And Puzzle Cafe. They switched off the lights when I'm about to take this pic =.='''''

Wooden stairs. Gotta be cafeful if you're wearing skirt and there's people below. Hahaha!!! So I walked like super fast that night. =DDD

Do you know what is this? Can anyone tell me what is this? Because my mummy asked me "What is this thing with 2 colors and have no eyes no nose no mouth" and I don't know how to answer her. Hahahaha!!!

Eeee!!!! Why he looked so fair there!!!! Nooooo!!!!!!

And I am so BLACK!!!!! =((

Dear Oreoku~ Presenting to you here is the entrance to Liquid. Hahaha! And yes it's at Kuching. I wasn't away somewhere else. Hahahahaha!!!!! Nope we didn't go in cos the damn entrace fee! RM50!!! Or somewhere there. I couldn't remember. Si beh kui arh!!!!

The upper section of the lobby~

Pic taken from upstairs. Nice kan~ Love love love Christmas trees~~

Time for toilet shot! =DD Must never ever miss visiting the toilet wherever you go that is newly opened! Haha!

They have full body mirror worh!!!!! Can I bring this home?????

Time for countdown~~~ There were lots of performance and games and shows before countdown. We only watched the shuffle dance performance by I-don't-know-who. Not bad lah. What you expect from shuffle~

Last picture taken for Year 2009~

YAY!!!! Fireworks!!!!!! They actually have the long long crackers that we always have during Chinese New Year. Hahaha!!!

Happy New Year darling! First picture taken of Year 2010! Hahaha!!!

Ok I shall continue about the rest maybe on Thursday or Sunday next week~ Busy busy week ahead!!!


ahlost said…
Wootz.. glad to have met you there ;)

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