2009 Review

I know I'm supposed to post this last night but was too lack of time. Had to rush off to dinner and countdown. Heee~ I'll try to make a nice quick one here!

Chinese New Year month! Romeo came back from Melb. Bought me JLo Glow After Dark. Weee~ Hype hype!! Not such a good CNY last year. Hehe =) Celebrated 10th month anni at Frydays Chicken which had been closed down. Haha! My first time to Kado as well. *thumbs up!* DIY my own bedroom doorway too! *proud~* Blek~ That time Tarot Cafe just opened. Visited there with my ex-colleague. Huu huu~ And all of a sudden, before CNY, darling gave me a surprise gift, a purse which I'm using it til today =)
Highlights of the month: JLo Glow After Dark, Chinese New Year

It's the month of Valentine~~ Cupid cupid everywhere~~ And last year, darling brought me to an exquisite candlelight dinner at Mr Ho. Aww...and of course, rose is needless to say =) My best Valentine celebration so far! Baby gave me a stainless steeel pendant. Heee~ Oh and this was the month Jerome went back to Perth. Surprised him at airport that noon. Haha!
Highlights of the month: Valentines Day

Our 1st year Anniversary!!! Celebrated at Elephant. Sucks. Hahahaha!!! Gregory's birthday falls on the same day too. Did dropped by Patio to meet him and found out that he's my friend's cousin! And another friend's classmate! Kuching damn small lor! We did celebrate with Greg before the exact date at Kado. After a week from Greg's, it's Kelly anak Kong's 21st birthday!!! Celebrated at her house =D Bought Cecelia Ahern's novels~
Highlights of the month: 1st Year Anniversary, Kelly's and Greg's 21st birthday bash

MY 21ST BIRTHDAY BASH!!!!! Had so much fun that night!!! Though a lil disappointed that some can't come. Hehe =D Received tons and tons of presents!! Thank you all again! Went up to Damai the next day and stayed over with darling. It's also baby's birthday month! Brought him over to Star Chef and got a special cake this time for him. Got him something different this time. Polo perfume. Hehe =) Hope you enjoyed your birthday love~ And also, the big day to my independence. I FINALLY GOT OUT OF HELL!!! Hahahaha!!! *shake shake shake!!!*
Highlights of the month: My 21st birthday bash! And baby's birthday too

Officially jobless and started my painting project. Hahaha!!! And Anselm closing down his blog after so many years of passion, why oh why~ Oh party people hey it's Friday night! Went on Star Cruise Virgo trip with ex-colleagues!!! Weeee~~ First time touching down Singapore. Sakai betol~
Highlights of the month: Star Cruise Virgo trip

Went up Damai during Gawai week if not mistaken. Siong left to KK for training session. Finally finish my door painting project. Haha! Found myself a good happy job =D Welcome to my new life~! Visited Turn Red Zoo with darling and then lunch at Marrybrown @ Bau. Haha! Brought mom and bro to Indulgence to try out the fish spa. Bought another novel by Cecelia Ahern, getting to like her =) And got my specs done. Heee~
Highlights of the month: Turn Red Zoo

Had a wonderful trip to Langkawi and KL with darling and 2 friends! Weee~! Our first time touching down Langkawi. A small small island. Bought quite lotsa liquor. Kekeke =P~ Had the awesomest time at Genting!!! Didn't make much post this month. Was rather busy I guess. Haha!
Highlights of the month: Langkawi and Kl trip

Mommy's birthday month! Only bought her birthday cake though. Oh and I joined the Sudoku competition for the first time! Hehehe =DD That time didn't win anything lah~ Chew Lian got married ooo~! I know I didn't make a post for that. Really sorry. Me and darling went to celebrate our pre-anni at Basaga. Not bad lah. But a lil too much for us =)
Highlights of the month: 1st Sudoku competition, Chew Lian's marriage

It's Oreo's and Anselm's birthday month! All not around so no party. Did celebrated Siaw Wui's birthday at Frienz n Family. Bought myself a new RAM for my pc and I actually transformed and become a technician. Muahahaha!!! And Siong says "Nowadays you very lihai operate pc liaw kan?". Hahaha! Baby bought me new pillow~ Weee~~ Had a cozy weekend with my darling with take-away McD dinner and watch UP with our lappie. Also bought my first ever curling tong and a small purse~! Love love!! Tried out Sharing Planet. Good food but not-so-good enrivonment. Lotsa mosquitoes!!!
Highlights of the month: Sharing Planet

I'M BACK TO DANCING!!!! Dance dance babeh!!! Angel back in Action!!! A month of toothache!!! Real torture!!! And lala~! I took half day off to visit dentist with mom and do bank stuff and then head over to Telekom for the new Streamyx Combo! Oh yes!
Highlights of the month: Back at EarthDance!!!

Darren Ko birthday month. Went to his house for a simple dinner. Tried to make popcorn with my bro but failed big time! Hahahaha!!! Went to the newly opened Dessert Paradise at Jalan Song. Not bad not bad! UPSR results were out! Bro got straight As! Congrats again! =D Me and baby went for our blood test. First time in life ui~ Kekeke =P~ And I start to Plurk~ =)
Highlights of the month: UPSR results

It's Christmas month! Had our Christmas wandering around Spring and dined at Gasoline. Haha! My colleague Lina were married! We all went all the way up to Sri Aman for the wedding lunch. Ing Ing came back and we went out for dinner at Pumpkin Cafe~! I joined the Sudoku competition again AND THIS TIME I WON!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! And of course~! I was a Santarina for a day! =DD Office annual lunch at Mei San. What else? COUNTDOWN AT HILLS SHOPPING MALL!!!
Highlights of the month: Christmas!!! Sudoku competition!!!

Another year has gone
Time flies when no one knows
New friends come
Old friends meet back
Everyone crossed path
For a reason
A reason to know
A reason to see
A reason to learn
A reason to be friends
So my dear friends
We shall walk side by side
When the new year comes by
Forget the sadness
Look forward with hopes
For the new year shall bring us all
Happiness and joy and laughter

p/s: Dear all my friends, I have got no nice words to say, just wanna say thank you. Thank you all for being my friends for the past whole year.

Perpetua Angeline


Anonymous said…
Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!
aNgeL-cuPid said…
wow thank you! will keep it up but currently won't there be any post due to the lack of free space for images. am trying out photobucket =)
aureoreo said…
uiii~! mana saya punya farewell highlights? T.T

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