Welcome to 2010

Hola peepz! Welcome to the new life! It's 2010 wOOtz!!! I know I'm late. Bah~~

I'm supposed to be writing tons of resolutions. But after a thoughtful day and night, I figured out that I have only 2 resolutions this year. Hahaha! Sad? No?

Let's put life back to the simple mode.

My 2010 Resolutions~!
# Study study study!!! Already enrolled myself somewhere and gonna hop back to school next week!
# Save lots and lots of money for next year's trip. Hoping and praying much that it will work well =D This time it's gonna be a family trip instead of friends. Hehe =) Family is the BEST!

But it seems like I have a longer list of what I want this year. Hmm? Will make one out and post it up. Let's hear of my NYE and fireworks~!


annna said…
Happy New Year!!

Have a blessed year ahead!
ahlost said…
back to school.. Wheeeee ~ :)

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