What a start

Heyz I'm still alive~! =.='''

I know I only have 2 posts for year 2010 and that's because....major maJOr MAJOR breakdown from the stupid blogspot system! Why oh why do they actually give us limited space to upload our pics?

It was the first day of 2010 that I found out my blog had already used up all the space given for pictures and therefore I cannot upload lah! Meaning my NYE post is still hanging somewhere. Unable to post up nice nice pics. ~.~ Can someone maybe tell me which hosting page is better where they actually DON'T limit you?

And then~ There's this sickness floating around. I've been sick for the past few days. Tuesday night after dance class I went for supper. And it rained. Fine. I was without umbrella so I went under the rain. Next day morning got strike by sneezes. I thought I'll be fine. But it didn't seem to be that way.

On Wed night and then on Thurs morning, I was feeling SUPER COLD at office. Mind you, my room is the desert of whole office and I'm still feeling cold. I actually turned off the air-con =.=''' Thurs night, fever. Doom~ Took med and sleep. Thought will be fine. Friday morning went shower gok. And then it strike again. Luckily I brought med to office so took med after lunch and nearly slept at office. Huu huu~ *prays boss doesn't read my blog!*

After work, on my way home, I nearly fell asleep while driving. Danger!!! That night after dinner with the bf, fever strikes again. Haiz...darling was here with me til mom and bro came home then he left. And then Saturday. Saturday was fine as fever is gone. BUT!!! Diarrhoea comes in. Last night bombarded 3times? I think. Which made me couldn't sleep. So I decided to sit in front of the toilet bowl and read my novel. Hey bathroom is cooling what! Hahaha!!! And my bathroom doesn't stink~ Ended up going to bed around 3 smth? =)

I just hope I'll be fine tomorrow cos class is gonna start tomorrow night...Speaking of class~

Last Monday night I went to school directly after work. Thinking that there might be traffic jam around that area at that time, I rushed rushed rushed. Ended up at 3rd mile at 5.20pm. Not bad huh~ Haha! Had chicken rice and went up to reception counter. I guess I'll be having chicken rice as dinner every Monday lor~ Orientation was short. The waiting time was looooonng!!! Joseph Lim the chief of college gave us the orientation. Nothing much. Then left around 8.30pm and went home~

Got my timetable edy. Class is every Monday night from 6.30pm to 9pm. And there will be classes on certain Saturdays too. 2pm to 5pm. And there will be two progress test. One on Febuary and one on April I think. Final exam will be during May. Lala~ Wish me all the best guys~

As for my work, it's still the usual routine job =) Nothing much except closing accounts which I'm kinda new to. Have to do this do that and close this close that and open this open that. Fuh~ I'm fine I'm fine! I will be smarter after this right? Haha! And as I wonder the other day...I am now happy with my current job, how long will I stay in this co? =) God knows~

I have 2 options.
1. I either finish my dip, get a better job with a better income, save up a fortune, renovate that house and move in and then start a family. OR
2. Finish my dip of course. Start looking for courses that can get me overseas. Get a PR at Aus. Work and save up a fortune and migrate. Hah~ Life~

Enough of brags. So til then~ I'll see you all around my blog during weekends cos now I have my every Monday to Wednesday nights occupied by classes~!



ahlost said…
Wootz.. long entry.

It is always good to have planning.. I need to start planning too ;)

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