Dinner @ Wan Chai

The weekend before CNY, me and baby went Hills for dinner and met with Aure at Liquid then walk around Hills mall.

Darling said Wan Chai Restaurant is opened and that he wana try. So yeap~ We hop over there for our dinner. Heard it's open by All Joy management which I hated so much. So I didn't wana put much hopes on Wan Chai.
Attracting? =) The interior is MUCH nicer must admit! They do serve cakes too.

Eeek! Why go there and take exam Dar?

So serious ooo~~~ Ngeh ngeh concentrate!!!

While waiting for him to finish his test, I snap snap around~ Their theme is mainly green and white. And there's a wall waterfall somewhere.

We chose to sit by the balcony cos I was darn cold!!!!

See everywhere greeeeeeeeeeeennn~~~~

Neh neh the wall waterfall is just by the brick sana. Soli lah. I paiseh wana go there and shoot =P

The tiny simple menu with table decor~

After finish the test must snap pic of the question paper. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

There~ That's the result of his test. Hehehehe =DD Nice shot kan? Hehehe =D All of his wrinkles and pimples and scars gone worh. Pro leh~

Our drinks~ The sour plum is super super nice!!!!!

And me love love the stir stick~

Baby ordered Mongolian Chicken Rice. Macam normal aje~ My mom also can cook lah~

While I opt for something sour and spicy. Tom yam~~~~!!!!!!! Syokness!!!!

Then we went up to Pullman to look for Aure at Liquid. Christmas tree gone. The staffs were decorating something for CNY.

Back to shopping at Hills. Oh I applied for the ToysRUs card. Hehe =D No pichas~ But whoever wana buy toys, PLEASE LOOK FOR ME!!!!! Cos I wana activate my card. Huu huu~~~

Finally a picture of me after so many shots of him =.='''


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