April Fool?

Everybody 你好!!!

Today is April Fool day. A day for you all to fool everyone else =) Or being fooled by people. Hehe..

I remember last year I fooled my darling. =P~ I was on my way to work at about 9.30am, I called him up and said "Please come down awhile can?". He asked "What's wrong?" and I said "Just come down" and I hung up. I was driving that time. Oops! Sorry Mr Policeman! Anyway, about 10 minutes after I hung up, he called back. And jeng! I can't stop laughing. Hahahaha!!!! Ok I was mean =D

Then this year, last night bf texted me before I sleep. His sms reads "Please don't disturb me tomorrow ok? Hugs!". Hahahaha!!! Nah this time if I fool again it won't be fun anymore cos I have no other tactics. Maybe wait til next year =DD


I have got an announcement to make!!!

I now introduce you to the Featured April Blogger of the Month of Sarawak Bloggers! Miss Perpetua Angeline! Hahahahaha!!!!

Think I'm trying to fool you? Try clicking the link below =DD

Sarawak Bloggers - Featured: April Blogger of the Month


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