Toy time!

Finally I have a new toy to play!!! Haha! I still have the kid-style inside of me ok.

Last night I went to Hills with darling for dinner. Actual plan was for dinner at Sushi King and then buy my new toy then go home. But then suddenly the day before, I spotted something nice on newspaper. Ah Niu and Victor Wong (Ping Guan) is gonna be there too!

Will post up the pictures later as I don't have the photos with me yet. Forgot to bring my cam out last night. Urgh!'s my new toy~~~
Weeeee~~~~~ I used to play this when I was at school. I find it very interesting cos it takes lots of techniques and skills to play this game. Know what it is or not?

In case you don't know (me neither), this game is call Pick Up Sticks. How to play? Just pick up those colorful sticks (duh~)! Haha! Yes indeed the game goes this way.

There's 29 colorful sticks, each color has their own point counting and also a black stick as the pick up tool. You have to hold them all together, except for the black one. Put them at standing position then let go your hand so the sticks will fall onto the table.

Then one by one takes turn to play. The turn only pass to the next person when the one playing, touches another stick while trying to pick up one. Can only pick up one stick at a time.

Price cost? It's only RM12.95!!! Cheap right? So why not grab one yourself and start playing~ Have some fun once in awhile =)

Yes this is the ToysRUs membership card. It's free of charge so I just apply for it. But then there's terms & conditions to activate the card. Mine's still inactive. Haha! Maybe gotta wait til my next purchase~

Gonna play with mom and bro tonight! Chaoz~


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