Dog Show Event

This post is rather overdue. Haha! There was a dog show being held at Kenyalang Park Community Association on the 25th of April. I get to know about this event from the Kuching Photography Event group in Facebook.

Since I love dogs so much, so I called up a few dogs lovers to go along with me. Well, except for bf who doesn't love dogs but tagged along too.

Event started at 9am and I was there sitting on the bench at 9am sharp! Kiasu! I just don't wana miss anything from the start. The event is actually the 289th MKA All Breed Championship Show! Read that right! The 289th!!!! MKA is The Malaysian Kennel Association. I didn't know they organized that much show! How can I missed out 288 of them???

Anyway, time to try shooting some dogs~~ Well, I don't have a dog at home. Only stray dogs outside my house. So I never get to try shooting dogs. Apart from Lucky, Kelly's Golden who has always been my model when I'm at her place. Hahaha!

When we reached, we were greeted by 3 German Shepherd!!! They're all of the same family. A dad and 2 sons. Each has one!!!

What I notice when I was there is the bad bad bad lighting!!! So I tried using flash for the first few shots. But then they all turned out to be bad. So I tried to off my flash and switch to high sensitivity mode. But it's still not good. Sigh...It's bad that a compact camera can't do anything much.

Spotted a Schnauzer! Which also has a rainbow colored Maltese friend that I was too amused by it and forgot to take its photo =.='''

This sausage dog turned out to be very snobbish. Kept showing me its backside. And I got fed up trying to snap its photo so I went off. Arh!

Saw a Beagle couple! So cute!!! They're so active!! Moving all about. I know the picture is blur but then I still wana post it up~~

Then there's this amazing looking Golden Retriever that got me so hype the whole time. What's so special about it? Let me just share something which I think should be accurate according to Doctor Kong. Haha!

First, just please look closely at its fur! It's so different from any other Golden. So fluff!!!!!! And then, I heard that this Golden costed about RM10k!!! Don't know how true is that. Shipped from overseas too. Hmm...not enough?

Look at the eyes. It's double eyelids!!!! Dang I didn't know dogs also has double eyelids. Hahaha!

Bahhh.....I wana hug it so much!!!!!! Just look at the tail. Looks like carpet. Hahahaha!

Time for the show. Schnauzer starts off.

And then lots others came along but didn't take much shots cos already very disappointed with the lighting and seeing so many dslr around, I felt small. Hahaha!

There. The fluffy Golden running the track~~

Another Beagle. This one is less active so I was able to take a clearer pic of it. Hehe =)

Then it's the German Shepherd's turn. There's like 20 of them!!! Scary!!!! When they were gathering before entering the track, some of them were arguing. Haha! GGrrrrr!!!! Kekeke =P~

I didn't post up many pics due to (again!) the bad lighting. Anyway, I left about 12pm for lunch. The parking costed me RM5!!!! So the expensive! I'll never go back there to park! Would rather walk!!!


dr. kong said…
dr. kong tidak salah..cause got confirmation from dr. bf hahahahahahahhahahahahaha

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