Mothers' Day 2010

This year's Mothers' Day was rather quiet for me. I didn't have time to choose gift nor prepare anything special for my mom. Also don't know what made me so busy. Only at the last minute, I wanted to look for durian to buy. But then this isn't the durian season, so where to find? End up, I came home empty handed. Sigh....

Anyway, mom had me ordered a cake from Taka Cake House. She asked aunty to buy satay and we celebrated Mothers Day with grandma at my aunty's house.

Food of the night....
Satay from mom. Yummy~ This time aunty didn't buy it from the usual Satay House. I don't know where she bought it from, but it's really nice!!!

Lamb!!!!!! Sponsored by 2nd uncle.

There were 2 cakes this year. Mom bought one and my cousin bought another one.

This is my Fair Lady by Taka Cake House. I'm beginning to love it~~

SO CUTE!!!!!!! Hehehe =) Cousin bought it from Mita Cake House.

Cake cutting session. My grandma kept looking at the cakes. Haha! Wonder what was she thinking.

Cheers for all the 3 mothers!!!!!

And there comes the 'tam chiak kui' (food greedy ghost). Hahahaha!

My aunty's daughters and son bought her a bouquet of carnation specially made by Hope Church members. So nice lah~~ It's so cheap! Only RM25!!!! I already placed my order for next year's Mothers' Day. Hahaha! Want one too? Drop me a comment then =)


Message to mom: Sorry I was without a gift. Will replace on your birthday. Hehe =) Muah~~


On MOthers' Day, the cake is important. Happy Mothers' Day Pep!

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