One Emo Sunday...

....As I was out with friends....

Things doesn't go emo from beginning til end lah! Hehe =)

Last Sunday, I met up with Kelly and Elaine at Life Cafe @ Brighton Square for lunch. I've been going there recently for lunch. Hmm...A new hangout place for me probably? A little too far though.

Anyway, Kelly is leaving Kuching soonish and Elaine just came back for her semester break. So we decided to meet up and bitch-about. Bleh~

My tummy wasn't feeling that well on that day so I chose to eat something less spicy. Was drooling over Kelly's malak mien. Haha!

We were there for about 3 hours! 3 girls gossiping after such long lost, surely 3 hours is nothing! After the much talks, we head over Precinct 88 for some walkabout. And then headed back to Kelly's house to rest. Wanted to go Friendship Park for some photo session but then the weather was killing us so we decided to stay in her air-conditioned room =D

And so the photo session was held there....

Me and Elaine. She start this hula hoop pose by suddenly picking it up from a corner and said "Hey let's play with this!". It turned out to be not bad eh~

The two amoiz...

And there we are...the biatchez! Hahaha!

And a photo of me! Duh~ Vain bah!!!!

After we left Kelly's house at about 5pm, I headed down to Friendship Park myself to clear my mind off some stuff and to get some time alone. I enjoy watching family bringing their children and walk around the park, also I love fountains! =)

I caught a glimpse of rainbow! Not in the photo of course.

After I left Friendship Park, went over Little Hainan to meet up with RandomDom, Pazuzu and Des for drinks. The Nikon and Canon kakiz. Will be one someday! =D

Not a bad place to hangout too! Most importantly, they have wifi for me to use! Kekekeke =p~

Drinks anyone? xD

Very very Hainan style~~

This is Pazuzu's dinner. Haha! He said it's 3 types of meat boh. So I'm guessing it's chicken, duck and pork. Just look at how cute the rice were presented.

Hmm...found this photo in my camera. Photo not taken by me. Guess who's phone.... =D

It was an emo Sunday but then with friends around, my mood surely was lifted up! =) Thanks girls and guys~~


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