Rainy Thursday

Hola! Am trying to post a blog using my mobile. Well, its not that I'm too free at work or something. But then blogging does help to ease my stress.

Speaking of stress. 2 days ago there were these litigation cases appearing all of a sudden. And i supposed we dont have enough litigation clerk, I was somehow transformed into one. 2 files appear on my table with the note to draft out letters. And I went all dead. I personally hate writing letters. I would rather spend the whole day doing accounts than writing a letter. But what else can I do? I sat down and flipped through the samples and yes, managed to draft out those letters and now it's sent out.

Just as I thought that I can finally do some of my own stuff, another 4 files came onto my table yesterday. Sorry la but I'm really F Up! So i dragged and dragged and dragged. Only drafted one out yesterday. Haha! Still have I dont know how many more to go. So much for great working life! PKL!

Anyway, today is gonna be a long stressful day ahead. Before I end this post, would like to wish 2 people.

Today the 20th May marks the birthday of 2 very special people in my life. One is my cousin sister and another is a friend.

Happy blessed birthday to Chee and Sam! Welcome to Club 24! Enjoy your birthday! God bless you both! Hugs!

Til then, back to work!


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