Chester's Homecoming Dinner

Last Friday night was another gathering with my old time schoolmates all the way back to Primary 6. Hehehe =D Gathering was held to welcome home our dear friend, Chester, who went to Sg for a friggin long period of time!!!

Date: 25-06-2010
Venue: Kim Bay Restaurant, Spring
Time: 7.30pm

Ok I was supposed to be EARLY but I got there at 7.30pm SHARP due to the stupid traffic jam in front of Chonglin Park. Heck why Friday night so jam??? Anyway, Nancy and Kiang Jing were the first two to arrived.

Once I reached, texted 3 people and informed them to get to Kim Bay right away. Luckily I made my reservation earlier, else we'll be sitting on the floor. Hahaha! A few came later. Reasons to be late?

1) Chonglin Park jammed
2) The cars in Spring carpark not moving =.='''
3) Why lah so many people go to Spring on Friday night???

Ok cut the crap. Time for pictures~~

Reservation made in the morning =D Thanks Steven! And that's my Ribena Sprite. Wonder why they always put lemon inside. Hmm....

Culinary all set and done on our table. Nice!

Food time! Everyone arrived only at about 8pm and we were all already starving!!! And yet some of their food came late. Sigh....Service wasn't that good that night lor. Don't know what happened to the previous services that satisfied me much.

This is my cheese baked rice with beef and Japan toufu and Egg. The egg in the middle is not cook!!! Walao~ First time I ate fresh yolk =.=''' Eh but not bad!!! This one's recommended! I remember the code! It's 191. Hahaha!

Chester and Emily shared this plate of cheese baked rice with curry chicken.

While Evelyn had cheese baked rice with seafood. The prawns were so huge! Nice!!!

The rest had rather simple dish and I don't have the time to go around taking photos of each of their food. Haha!

Strawberry smoothie and banana smoothie at the background which actually came after they brought us the wrong set of chocolate and cappuccino smoothie. Apalah~~

This is Nancy's supa huge juice? I don't know what she ordered but dang! IT'S HUGE!!!! I had to borrow her handphone for comparison. Hahaha!

After we all filled our tummy, we had the staff to help us take a group photo before leaving for second station.

Eh eh!!! Orang belum ready ooiii!!! Hahahaha!!! We're still switching our seats lah~

Ok smile!

After we left, went over Chonglin Park cos wanted to go Maurice, but then friend's friend changed venue so we all flew car to Jazz and Blue at Green Height. Didn't go in though. Everyone had other plans ahead so we all left for home.

It was fun meeting Chester back. I don't remember when was the last time I saw him cos I think he somehow went MIA for a period of time. And the next thing I know, I saw his Fb status saying he's in Sg then my face went @.@''' Kekekeke =D

He's going back to Sg this coming Friday. Not much time left for another meet up. So we rushed another one on Sunday noon. Lunch at McD and then watched Knight & Day together. I hope we can grab another dinner or something before he leaves. Really gonna miss him then.



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