Dressing Ma'Boots!

This is my first time trying to dress up my plain black Santa boots. Hehe =D Well I never try to dress up any of my shoes though.

Reason I dress it up?

Cos I had a dinner to attend on Saturday at Pullman which is rather grand and I don't wana go in heels. So I dress up my boots to pair with my attire.

Theme for self: VINTAGE!

What do you think? I suddenly feel so girly and cute and vintagy and Japan-ish!!! Bought the lace for RM3!!! Miahahahahaha!!!!!!

Taken with flash. Hmm....

You'll see how I actually pair this boots with my attire on my next post. Am waiting for my pictures cos didn't take any with my camera. Was busy with Canon 50D. Hehehehe =D


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