Kimbay Restaurant

Last month, I forgot which public holiday was it. My bro wanted to go MBO with his friends. So me and mom also went Spring to walk around. Since it's lunch time, we decided to try out Kimbay Restaurant. After all, it's opened for so long already and I've never been in there before. Hehe =D

Anyway, just a simple post for this. Didn't take much picture.

The menu. Kimbay does have another branch at Hills Shopping Mall selling only tarts. Not egg tarts but tarts. All sorts of them. Have yet to try cos am not a tart person. Haha! But will see to it when I'm in the mood and when I do drop by Hills again =)

This is the noodle that my mom ordered. Me and bro had rice. No pics taken. Forgotten =.=''' The service was rather good. It's really fast. I was kinda shocked when the food came not long after we order cos seeing that the place was quite packed at that hour, I expect to need wait for longer minutes.

Well yeah, that's all for the pictures. I'll definitely go back there for more lunch or probably dinner too. They have set lunch which is cheaper. Nice! Give it a try if you have yet to go there.

Helping a lil promo, do register for their membership card to collect points and redeem for gifts. The membership for a year is RM15 and for 2 years is less than RM20. So why not just grab the 2 years membership right? =) (Please correct me if I get the figures wrong)

Oh and another thing! Sorry I forgot the price but after you spent a certain amount, you'll get rebate of RM1 for your parking ticket! How cool is that? Smart thought!

I'll bring my camera and shoot more pictures the next time. Must always remember to take photos of the food! Chaoz~


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