A Sunny Saturday

Yesterday after I sent my bro to school for his training, I went to run some errands. Dropped by school to take my schedule for the next semester. Class starting this coming Wednesday. Grrrr.....I want more holidays!!!!!

Anyway, the usual meet up with 2 ladies, Kelly and Elaine for lunch over at Life Cafe (again!). After lunch, we thought of a few places to go but the weather was burning so we didn't go far. And then again, despite the crazy weather, we went to Friendship Park. Of all places, we actually chose one without a shelter =.=''''

Taken from inside the car. Hence the dark cloud. Hahaha! We sat in car for quite some time before deciding to go down for a stroll.

And camwhore.....

Switched mode to enhance the flesh tone but it's seriously sunny that it's over exposed.

The two 'butters' that were about to melt under the sun. Hahaha!

Hmm....I don't recall the lake being so green!!!! I even used the nature mode to enhance the green. Hahaha! Crazy mehh~~ It's water! Not grass! *knock self!*

And then....we made wishes too. Only Elaine's coin goes in smoothly without knocking the steel on top. I wonder does that mean anything. So mine is like, there's gonna be obstacles before reaching the point? Mystery......

Found a padlock and a key.....

And the ladies continue to camwhore....

Then I offered to take their photos. Testing my own skills using digicam to take portraits.

A closer ones. EH Kelly! Why you smile like that? Sun too hot?

*ahem!* Model-soon-to-be. Oh well, at least my model. Hahaha!


Never forget! Camwhore myself~! =D

p/s: I think I already have 2 talented models in hand. Shall test on you ladies when I have my DSLR. Hehehe~~

Signing out!


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