Do You Love The Rain?

It rains everyday in Kuching lately. Just now when I was on my way home, made a little thoughts about how much I love the rain when I was little. =) Let's see what I've got...

When you're 10, you LOVE the rain because you can play with waters =D
When you're 20, you're SCARED of the rain because you don't wana get sick and stay home while all your friends party out =X
When you're 30, you HATE the rain because it spoils your newly bought Jimmy Choos =P~
When you're 40, you get STRESS over the rain because when rain pours, you have to bring in your clothes and they won't dry inside the house =O
When you're 50, you GRIN slightly when it rains because your 20 years old daughter/son will be staying home =)
When you're 60, you WORRY when it rains because your grandchildren will be playing under the rain!!! =D

Hahahaha!!! Yes I actually made that up in my mind while I was stopping at the traffic light near Reservoir Park and while I was stuck in the long queue outside Satok. Hahaha~~

Sometimes I really wish that I can blog anywhere and anytime I want. Like having a netbook in car or while I'm waiting for long queue at any place or when I'm waiting for time to pass in office. If that can be done then I guess my post will be lots more than just by 20s every month. Too busy to online during weekdays and nothing much to blog about.

Anyway, tell me. Do you love the rain? Hehehe =DD


Norris said…
of course i love rain....makes the world cold..and i can save my electric bills..(no aircond needed) ehehehe...see what i mean? black car will be like a.......grr!!!
aNgeL-cuPid said…
hahahahah!!!! yes it always rain after the day your car just shine. hahaha~~

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