Footie Gather

2 weeks ago, while it was still the World Cup season, a few of us (Sarawak Bloggers) made a teeny weeny footie gather just to watch the match between Germany and Argentina =D

Date: 3rd July 2010
Venue: Premier 101
Time: 10pm (Duh~)

But of course, everyone went earlier to snatch a good place =D Thanks to Kee Man and Cyril that we got the best spot! Which is right in front of the huge projector. Haha~!

I went a little later at about 9.30pm cos went to Saberkas to have a look at the Pikom Fair. Nothing much there. Not many booths. Very very quiet =X They didn't even come to 'snatch' business when you pass by. Apalah~

Anyway, I got myself a World Cup t-shirt just to rise up my football mood for the night. Haha! And I didn't know it's Brazil until Cyril mentioned =.=''' I want England!!! But nevermind, *breathe breathe* There's still other flags like South Africa, Argentina and Spain. Hehehe =D

It was really a good night to watch that match with them.

Attended were: Me and bf, Kee Man and Looi, Cyril, Fahriee, Bongkerz and Mel, and Norman who left earlier.

That was my first time catching a match with friends. Honestly, it's really good to catch a great match with great companions!

Cheers guys!!! We should do this again after 4 years! Hahaha!!!

Oh~~ And after watching few matches of Germany, I fell in love~~~ Huuuuu~~~~

Hahahaha!!!!! Ok I copied that from Facebook =D

Oh wait!!! I haven't mention!!! IT'S MIROSLAV KLOSE~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time to make my bf even more jealous =P~

Isn't he so charming and handsome and good-looking and atheletic (duh!) and fit and muscular and tall and has nice nose and dark eyes and rawwrrr.......YUMMYLICIOUS!!!!!

A photo of him in a neat grey suit. Hm....gorgeous!!! I don't care if he's married or has children! I'm under the girly-crush-which-will-last-for-quite-some-time. Hahahaha!!! Oh Klose oh Klose oh Klose oh Klose~~~

I found a photo from Google of his childhood. HE'S SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! *cubitz cubitz!!!*

Hmm......maybe I should consider German husband....HAHA! Dream on! *slaps self!*

Enough said! I'm just gonna 'fly' to Germany tonight!!! Late night flight!!!

Next up! Paul the Octopus which is soooooooooo SMART that it can PREDICT the football match!!! Dang, who needs to watch the match anymore if it can predict so well?

And the crap thing is that, it chose Spain instead of Germany in the semi-final. Sighh....Why lah Paul oh Paul??? You forgot Germans the one who fed you??? They spent so much on mussels just to feed you fat and you betrayed them!

Oh dear~~~ I should visit the pharmacy soon to buy the KoolFever since my World Cup fever is still around. Mmmm......

*Gonna muchi muchi Klose tonight* Chaoz~


ken said…
i wanted the netherlands to win =/ and prove paul wrong!
Norris said…
wo..masih football freak..ehehehe...nice shirt there..
aNgeL-cuPid said…
@ken: hahahaha!!! I wanted netherlands to win too!!! but then again, they're not bad wad. only lose by 1 =D stupid octopus! LOL

@norris: hahahaha!!! i watch only once in 4yrs. LOL
~eiFFa~ said…
LOL.. and i thought i'm the only weird ppl who fell in love after watching world cup matches..

you go girl!!
Gallivanter said…
I love Germany, been supporting them since 1990, and lately, their football play is a spectacle to watch. :-)

That Octopus has been debunked. It's so used to picking Germany's flag that it always picks it, the reason why Serbia and Spain were picked because they looked similar to the German flag. An octopus is color blind to it relies on shades of black and white to identify.

baby crib said…
I can see that you are a very big fan of football. I am not into football but I am amazed when I am seeing a good goal. I think I am getting interested in foot ball. By the way, your blog is wonderful.
aNgeL-cuPid said…
@eiFFa: hahaha!!! *high five!*

@Gallivanter: ic ic. but then it somehow brings down the spirit of the team lah. sigh...

@baby crib: should love football! hahaha!!! join the gang~~ and thx for your comment =)

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