Half Year Preview

Time surely did fly a lot faster than it used to. With just a glimpse, today is already 1st of July. Half of year 2010 has gone. What have you done? Or achieved? =) I'll make a preview for myself this time.

Things I've done:

1 - Managed to finish LCCI Level 1, took the exam and now waiting for result
2 - Made a few new friends
3 - Joined Sarawak Bloggers and met a few more bloggers *AM THE FEATURED BLOGGER FOR THE MONTH APRIL!!!!*
4 - Learnt alot about dslr *poisoned!*
5 - Got my belly pierced =P~
6 - Invited to the first paid event =D *Thanks everyone included!*
7 - First time played aeroplane chess in public with bf, bro and cousin! It was real fun!!!
8 - Organized 2 reunions with primary schoolmates and more other small gatherings
9 - Christmas came early! Got more than just 1 free gifts!!!
10 - Watched movies with friends! *Ais Kacang Puppy Love, A Team, Knight and Day*

Now...what did I achieve from all those activities listed above?

I definitely cherish my friendships more now. Friends are everything to me, apart from family of course. When you're home, you have family. But when you're outside surviving on your own, who do you have? Friends.

Though people said "friends come and go but true friends stays", I think it's how you connect to your friends. Even if that friend isn't true to you, or wasn't true, people can change. Like myself, I don't cherish friendship that much last time. So I tend to lose alot of friends in a year although I make alot new ones. I somehow am the type that goes "new one comes, old one goes". It's not good I know. But now I've learnt that I shouldn't be like that. I should treat everyone the way I want to be treated =)

Anyway, what will you be looking forward for the next half year? =)

As for me, I'm gonna make a few plans.

1 - Plan on my CNY trip properly and with more details. Probably going HK and China =D
3 - Well my handphone just dieded on me today. People can't hear me when on call. Gonna bring it for repair this weekend. If it doesn't work, probably will get myself a Blackberry.
4 - Finish up LCCI Level 2 and MUST PASS WITH DISTINCTION!
5 - Attend more events!!!
6 - Gotta be more low profile and stop looking at the sky
7 - Save up more cash for future usage *more trips to come!*
8 - Earn more money with business *namechains & blogshop!*
9 - Spend more time with my loved ones
10 - Lastly, love my life the way they are but must never give up hopes and dreams cos without dreams, everything is just a piece of white paper =D

Cheers people! I hope everyone did well for the first half of year 2010 and we shall all strive for the best in the half year to come!


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