Last Day of July 2010

Before the clock ticks away to 12am and before I head over to bed. Would like to make a short post just to end this month.

July passed really quickly and rather quietly for me. But it was very very surprising!!!

I got a very surprising and joyful news from Kee Man the other day over Twitter. His tweet was "You'll be upgraded to Prime Blogger soon" and I was like OMGOMGOMG!!!!! How can that ever happen??? Haha! Yes you bet! It did happened!!! I am here proudly announcing myself as a PRIME BLOGGER in Sarawak Bloggers! And I was told that I'M THE ONLY ONE BEING UPGRADED!!!! Now how great is that? =DD

Also, July is the month of remembrance. Finally I got my hands on a Nikon D3000. NO REGRETS!

Before I end this, would like to wish a friend, Sharon Sim, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! She's the Queen of the last day of July. Hehe =D

News update! Tomorrow Yado Cafe & Bistro will be having their soft opening. Grand opening is on Monday. A cafe owned by my cousin, Richard. Located at Jalan Keretapi just right behind Etiqa. Do drop by!!!

That's all. Good night people!

p/s: Anyone went Kuching Festival tonight? Hehe =)


standss86 said…
Thanks Pep for wishing me in ur blog. :))))

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