Too Much Tech?

Have you ever wonder if technologies these days had taken away our social life?


1) SMS rather than call your parents saying that you'll be home late
2) Facebook comments rather than get up from your seat to walk to your colleague's cubicle and comment on her clothes or hair or her emotion of the day
3) MSN chat rather than talk to your sister or brother who is downstairs

Need I go on?

Sigh. It's such sad case that these are actually happening nowadays. I find that the 'bug' had gone into my body too. Techs oh techs~

10years ago when I was in Primary 6. The year when I learnt about #IRC chat and emails. They were so fun, yeah. Mainly #IRC chat is for one to get to know another person. To me, it's like going into a new world as anonymous and make new friends all over the cyberspace. Hmm...sounds interesting doesn't it? Remember how we used to !ping in order to stay connected? Haha!

Those were the days when we can actually talk to anyone about anything! You don't even have to know who that person is and you can jump straight into interesting conversations together. Well if that person doesn't suit your social taste, you won't need to bother whether you have to delete him/her off your contact list cos you can just ignore him/her. Hee~~

Then when I got into Form 1. Days starts to get a little better when I finally own a new computer plus printer and mom got me the internet line. It was dial-up back then. Oh-so-slow~~~ But then after few months of using it, mom complaint that I used too much so she had it cut off. Snap! And it's gone!

So I've been living without internet line for a few years. Luckily I met an online friend who is from Sibu. We both decided to write letters since we can't get online to email. Honestly, writing letters is so much better than typing an email. Writing takes up your emotions. Typing don't. We even slipped small gifts like stickers, keychains, or anything small in the envelope and sent out our letters. The waiting was dreadful. But when you finally got the reply, I can tell you, it's much more than just happy =)

Years go on, until Form 3 when I have my first handphone. Not a brand new one. Picked up from somewhere. Haha! Me and a friend shared the phone since our parents refused to buy us one. Each of us get to keep it for a week and then pass. Well, I did alot of SMS but then calling was so much more fun! I really wonder how I was able to talk for hours on the phone back when I was 15 years old! I can have late night calls and talk til no time. And when I had a boyfriend, we used to call each other up EVERY SINGLE NIGHT to talk for half hours! Gosh! I really wana get back to that now! Seriously!!! From 8pm to 8.30pm. Whenever the phone rings, mom will say "Your phone" without even answering it. Haha! Oh dear. Where have that gone to???

And then the long wait was finally over. Streamyx came in. So I went to apply one immediately and promised to pay it on my own. Hehe =D And there comes in again. Friendster, MSN, Skype. Those were the 3 main things. Oh and blog too =) This is the blog I started when I was in college. Back at 2006. Yeapz! It's the kiasuness in me that made me wana own a blog too.

And now? Facebook. The utmost popular social site which actually made us all became more and more addicted to everything in it. Do you see yourself on Facebook every single day? Do you send SMS that much to your friends? Do you even call up your friends? When was the last time you talk on phone with an old time friend or best cousin? Or where has your buddy gone to?

You see. What I'm trying to say here is that. I find all these cyberspace social sites and programs like MSN really 'killed' my social life, more like talking life. I was (Note me. Was!) the kind of girl who is able to talk about anything to anyone even if it's the first time I met that person. I can talk on phone with friends for hours. I can write like 3 pages of letters and then post it all the way to Sibu. But now?

Sigh....Now don't you even try to call me up cos I don't talk on the phone anymore. I don't even know what to say! There's like nothing nice to talk about but when it comes to Facebook, everything can be commented. Haha! Even when I go out with a group of people these days, a group of friends, I feel so left out. People are talking and rambling but I just can't seem to join in. Why???

How to cure this virus???? Can anyone help? Hahahaha!!! I don't want to be the quiet me. I WANT TO BE TALKATIVE!!! Kekekek =P~ As in talk using mouth to speak. Not type!


Norris said…
eloo..yeah right angel...hmm..i remember de IRC is missed my friends...even de unknown faces..ehehe..well in de real world i'm kinda' talkative have no problem with it..ehehe...
can we fight technology?
aNgeL-cuPid said…
Haha~~ everyone misses the old days~ fight tech? hopefully =)

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