Willing's Farewell Dinner

This post is long overdue for a month =D Reason is cos the photos are all in my Samsung phone and again the long history of my spoilt cd-rom goes. Anyway, I finally took the time to upload all the pics into Facebook last weekend and take it down then post into Photobucket for editing.

After the long lazy days of editing, the photos are finally ready and then I realized, it's already 1 month old =.='''

Cut the crap.

This post as mentioned on my title, is about food again =D Though it's a farewell dinner but I've got no single photo of humans inside. Haha!

Venue: Planet Amore (located at Golden Arch @ 3rd Mile. Very easy to spot if you make yourself turn a few rounds at the roundabout. Hehehee )

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Honey is sweet, But not as you.....

I like the exterior environment =) Full of nature and romance~

There were 2 tables set at the outside also. Good for people who loves to enjoy the night cool breeze like myself =) But sadly, why lah people always choose to sit inside??? Having the aircon blazing at me for the whole day at office, I already had enough of it. Sorry but I love nature more =D And aircon is NOT GOOD for skin hydration!

There's a little bar inside. Love love love!!! I promised to myself that I will have one in my own home next time. =) This is a promise I will never ever break!

Table setting for two. A very romantic place for couple indeed.

Chandelier~~~ Another love!!! Lately I've been loving classic =D

The menu. Erm...when I first flipped through it, as someone who is super duper hyper calculative, the price kinda shocked me. But then again, what can you expect from such a place right? Surely not less than RM10 per dish.

Sweet roses as table decor. Each table has a bouquet. Nice eh~ I told you, it's a place for couple's dinner. So gentlemen, do bring your ladies here for sweet dinner. I'll tell you if it's worth the price you're gonna pay =)

There goes our food. Bf had chicken spaghetti. It is super dupa huge!!! And it tasted really really GOOD! He only finishes the spaghetti. Couldn't take in the salad anymore. Haha! Really big portion here.

Then there comes my chicken chop with mushroom soup. This is the first time I see people serve it with corns and hash brown and sausages. Normally you'll see fries or wedges with the never-to-be-missed salad. I wouldn't rate this dish the best I'd had, but for the side serving, it's better =)

Yes it is huge. The only thing that I couldn't finish was the corn. Did gave bf a piece of the hash brown too. Haha!

How much per dish? Er....sorry I forgot cos it's one month ago =.=''' *curse self* Next time must remember bring my own camera!!!


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