Buka Puasa at Cafe Majestic

Last weekend I had the chance to 'buka puasa' together with Cyril and Fahriee at Cafe Majestic. Thanks to Jason and Eileen for the invitation which made me went home with a tummy so bloated I couldn't sleep early that night. Haha! You ask why I 'buka puasa'??? I'll show you why.

Cafe Majestic is located at Riverside Majestic Hotel. The newly renovated cafe gives everyone a more cozy yet classy feel. Love it! And as everyone knows, now is the month of Ramadhan. So Cafe Majestic is doing something special this time round. A buffet is available DAILY at the price of RM79 per pax. Expensive you think? Hold back your thoughts cos you'll be thinking twice later. =)

If you think that 'buka puasa' buffet is only for the Malays and only Malay cuisines are available, you are wrong. The hotel's Executive Sous Chef, Chef Patrick Chew presented to us not only traditional Malay cuisines but also International varieties!!!

Ok ok. I'll stop talking and let the pictures show you the new way of 'buka puasa'...

I'm not sure how Malays 'buka puasa' at home but hey, there's appetizers here!!! I'm calling myself a salad lover now and this section surely is a not-to-be-missed!!!

Mussels anyone? Hehehe =DD I never had mussels for appetizers before! So this is a must try for me. My say? With the thousand island sauce available, it's HEAVEN!!!

Next, there were chefs on the spot grilling the beefs and lambs and chickens and prawns and fishes. Yummm~~~

Hmm....not slurping yet?

Let's see. You get to choose what you want and ask the chefs to grill them for you. Yay!

I love beef and beef here I come!!!

Just for display. Hahaha! Kinda regret I didn't try this cos I was busy scooping the rendang =D Of all the Malay cuisines, rendang is my favourite and there is no picture available because well, I was just too busy scooping them =D

Apart from these meaty cuisines, they too have soups and nasi briyani and also porridges!!!

Sushi time!!!!!! They're all mine, arigato gozaimas! Hahaha!!! I tell you, when I wanted to go back and take these sushis, they're all gone!!! So I had the chef to make some Sake for me. Hehe =)

See the thick salmon??? =P~ You don't have to stand there and wait. Just tell them where you're sitting and they'll send it over. That's easy!

So, not only they have appetizers and main meals. Hmm....thinking of some dessert to end your 'buka puasa' session? Of course they have it!!!

I had a habit. A very fattening one. Which is to take each one of the dessert. And yes I did. =D

Fwwaaahhhh~~~~ I'm thinking of Raya cakes already. Hehehe....

And of course, never forgetting healthy fruits as desserts for those who doesn't like sweet fattening desserts. Hehe =)

So, what's your say now? That's why there is a phrase "Never judge a book by its cover". Hahaha!!! Can someone sponsor me RM79 everyday??? I miss the rendang and the sushi and the dessert!!!!

Oh wait!!! If you have a huge family and want to make a reservation beforehand, you can always call them up at 082-427777 ext 4412. Give it a try!!! Else you'll have to wait until next year~~

I better go and eat now cos I'm already hungry looking at those food pictures. Hehe~~


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