Kenyalang Morning Breakie

Last Saturday morning I decided to head down to town early for breakfast with my boyfriend tersayang =D We wanted to go for Carpenter Street's famous laksa stall for it was closed. So then we head over to Kenyalang instead. At 8.30am, Kenyalang Market was already very quiet. It seems all those aunties had gone home much earlier with their kuih muih and vegetables. Hmm...I wonder what time they wake up.

It's been quite some time since I had my breakfast outside. Hehe =D Normally weekdays I had breakfast at home and weekend I'm super duper HYPER lazy to go out for breakfast.

I've been wanting to have laksa so badly recently. Haha! Do not ask me why the laksa doesn't look like laksa here. I've never seen such laksa too. Bf said it looks more like porridge =.='''

***P/s: Dear @jfook, please just stare at the photo above and do not scroll down ok? Because I finally DHL'ed the laksa and kolo mee to you. So now please sign acknowledgement of receiving these two items. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Of course, nothing beats a cup of hot Kopi-O in an early morning! And again, I'm always against everyone, that's cos my love for tea is much mUCh MUCH deeper than coffee. Hahaha!

See it's so quiet already and the stalls were actually closing!!! Probably that's the life of Kenyalang people. Unlike me who wakes up at the time they gone home from market. Bahahaha!!!

The stall which bf ordered his bowl of kolo mee. My laksa was ordered from another stall and which at that time, they were washing up the stall already =.=''' I was like "Hey I'm still eating!" I wonder if they remember their bowl and chopsticks and spoon are still with me. Hahahaha!!

After the full and rather satisfied breakfast, I wanted to snap a few view of the market but sadly, yes, I was late. It's closed =.='''

So I shoot the scenery of Kenyalang housing area instead. It was drizzling and so the sky wasn't very appealing.

An outstanding better looking house standing proudly in the mid of these which I bet had gone over more than 50 years houses. Ehhh!!! I baru nampak Civic Center dalam gambar nii!!!!

Very very very slippery road. Bbbzzzzz.......

Vege farm spotted! Ok it's just around the house. Bf told me it's an old couple living in that house. Amazing eh? So many veges!!!! Fully utilizing all the empty lands available for planting!!

Another view outside the market. No more cars parking along the road. People all went home already.

A young girl selling some clothes. I suppose she's helping her mom around. PSP can be a very good company when it's a quiet morning =)

Fruit stall. I see lotsa oranges!!!!

Dragonfruit anyone? =) I finally fell in love with my own fruit. Roooaaarrr~~~

Leftover veges? I think. The carrots look fresh =D

Who says dogs are only men's best friend? Dogs can be a very good company when you're without your PSP =D Can be your security guard too!!! Awww.....I hearts dogs!!!!

Hmm.....and I thought Kuching is known as the cleanest city in Sarawak? Yoohooo!!!! People please help to clean up the mess before you leave your stall or shop the next time ok? We want good impression for tourist like me. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!


Eve! said…
*reading reading*

Until i reach the part 'BF tersayang', i was like wtf.Memang sayang teramat since u used BM rather than English :P

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