Kuching Festival 2010


Hehehehe =D

I didn't bring my camera to Kuching Fest last night. I never brought anyway. I'm there to EAT. Not to take photos.

So I tapao'ed a few stuff home for breakfast the next day. Pichas delivered to you by Nikon D3000 with built in flash. Lazy wana attach the flash unit. Haha! So the photos looks a little cacat'ed.

This is one thing we have to buy EVERY SINGLE YEAR! It's muachi!!!!! SUPERB!!!

DURIAN PUFFS!!!! In case you are not there yet! This is a MUST TRY if you're a durian lover!!! Buy the PUFFS. NOT the crepe or pancake. PUFF PUFF PUFF!!!!! It's PURE DURIAN inside!!!!

Dragon whiskers. One of my favourite too. Looks like a bunch of caterpillars =.='''

Lastly, flavoured eggtarts from GingerBread. Sorry not Kim Bay's. Hehe =D I bought durian, green tea, mango and coffee. Not bad not bad!!!

That's all! If I were to go back there again, definitely buying more DURIAN PUFFS!!!!


wah. they sure sell interesting food at the Kuching fest. And your Nikon has a flash unit already? Sounds like you are investing a big sum of money there. But, it is worth it.
cj said…
nice blog. read your poems and led me here. hope to go kuching and surely to try the durian puff.

have a nice day ;)
aNgeL-cuPid said…
Willie: yeah but then i bought a third party ones. ori very exp =( maybe in a few more years then will get one. hehe =)

cj: hi there! thanks for dropping by! my poems? my other blog u mean. didn't know there's readers there too! hahaha! buzz me when u come over kch!!!
reeyau said…
im getting hungry looking at all those food. id love some oyster omelet now. huhuuu..
ahlost said…
I've been to Kuching Fest once only this year :D
aNgeL-cuPid said…
@ruth: hahahaha!!! thats why i put do not proceed if u're hungry. LOL

@ahlost: me too. once is enough lah~~

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