Tray Cafe

Last Saturday night I went with bf to try out Tray Cafe. Located at Padungan area. If you know Great Wall Bridal then you know where is it. Anyway, it had been opened for quite some time and I didn't try it earlier was due to the extremely limited parking space. Everyone should know how hard is it to park at McD town area eh? Hehe =)

The interior gives me a feeling that I'm in Museum Sarawak =.= But I love how the owner actually brings out the specialty of Sarawak. Not many cafes put this type of design.

The bar counter. The place is very small and so it looks kinda squeezy.

And they are furnished in only woods. There's a wall to the right with lotsa handwritten stuff on it. Cool eh? I wanted to write something too but couldn't find a space. Haha!

Drinks. As always green tea has now become my favourite drink of all.

Beef spaghetti that belongs to me! Blehh~~ It's nice but probably I was too hungry cos I didn't eat any lunch, this plate wasn't that filling. Hahaha! And I 'stole' some of bf's chicken chop =D

Bf had fried chicken chop. Quite nice but weirdly some of it tasted like fish. I mean it's really soft like fish! This one I'll say it's nice =)

Nothing much to comment about. Give it a try if you love a cozy quiet environment. They too have rice and noodles. Price wise, drinks are rather expensive but food is reasonable.

Til then~


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