Yado Cafe Soft Opening

1st of August. I went to my cousin, Richard's new cafe soft opening. The grand opening was on 2nd of August but I couldn't attend cos it's a weekday.

The new cafe's name is call Yado Cafe & Bistro. In chinese it's 洋豆. It's a name for a type of bean. Not sure what. Hehe =) Located at Jalan Keretapi just behind Etiqa. Quite easy to find.

The signboard. Above is a boutique and therefore the mannequin's legs. Hahaha!

Once you enter, the counter is to your right. Neat and clean don't you think?

View from main entrance. There is also a side entrance. The seating arrangement are divided into 2 sections. One for normal eating session and the other side is more comfy for those who wana hang around for a cup of coffee.

See the comfy-ness? Hehe =)

To the left. More comfortable cushions.

To the right. Some more proper looking tables and chairs for eating session.

And I absolutely love places with board games. Hehe =D I love board games! Do you?

One of the many beautiful lights.

And there you go. My cup of coffee!

Bf ordered ice lemon tea.

My cousin's kiwi frost. Many commented this one to be very nice =D

Food time!

I had chicken fillet with rice. Not bad from what came out of a temporary menu. Haha! More food has yet to come. So far there's only a few on the list.

Bf had fried kueh tiaw.

My cousin had fried bee hoon. This portion's rather big. Couldn't finish =/

Anyway, do drop by and check it out when you are looking for a comfy place for eatery. I love lOVe LOVE the environment!!! All you need now is a clean place with nice food to eat right? =) Give it a try! Have any question, do not hesitate to leave me a comment!



ahlost said…
wootz.. nice place to chill in wor..

hehehe.. it would be better if you provide a map to go there for a noob like me :D
aNgeL-cuPid said…
hahaha!!! ok ok. i'll TRYYYYY to draw a map next time =D

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