LCCI Level 2 Result

Ok now I'm gonna make a short simple post. Cutting through my whole line of vacation post. Hahaha! And since I can't post up photos from my handphone into facebook, therefore there is no photo because I'm too lazy to take out my camera and snap the photo then transfer and upload and edit =.= It's just way too mafan for the moment. LOL

So, the long awaited result came out this week. Tuesday noon I received a sms from Sunway College asking us students to collect our result slip. And since the second I received that text, my heart had been beating faster and faster. Kinteo bahhh!!! I wasn't that quite prepared for this exam because on the same day, well if you followed my blog, then you will know that I flew off to KL just after my exam. Hehehehe =D

Alright stop loso'ing. My result turns out to be.....ummm.....well........kinda unexpected but yet a little expecting....erm.....heeeee~~~


Now please congrats me! LOL *my face skin very thick!*

Oh btw, today is already the last day of January 2011. Tell me if you do not feel that time is flying. And tonight imma have the awesome reunion dinner with ex-colleague again~ 1Family! Hahahaha!

Ok gotta go~ Tata~


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