Performance at Hills

This is a late post. Hahahaha! And due to my laziness to transfer photos from camera, I'm making an old post now. My last performance for last year was at Hills Mall. It was a week before I leave for China trip. This time our performance came a little different. Instead of wearing the same attire for everyone, we each were told to act as a character in the society. So....I'll let you guess who is what....

See how many of us here!!!! Hehehehe =D This was the most fun performance ever!!! I enjoyed myself alot. And the best thing wasn't just that. It's having friends coming over to see me on stage was what touched me. I thought everyone will be just joking about coming over. But then when I see them, I was so surprised and happy and excited!!! It's not that I'm trying to show off myself on stage, but I love companions. I love friends. And to be there for someone is one very important thing to me. Thanks guys! You know who you are!

Ok so that's me. Laugh all you want. Hahahaha!!! Green top and black vest from myself. Trousers from teacher. Gloves from bf. And last but not least, the most important item of all, the gun! The black long toy that I've been talking about belongs to Fahriee. Heehee~~

I do not have the video on Youtube so you gotta click here to view it in Facebook. I hope you can view it though. Teacher posted it. Not me. Hehe =) Enjoy~


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