Window of The World!!!

I WENT TO WINDOW OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok I lied. I did go but I did not went in =( So sad wehh!!!! I wana go in and see the whole mini world!!! But our tour guide didn't bring us in. He said the ticket is very expensive. Sobbb.......*emo*

Someone please go to Shenzhen with me again and we go Window of The World can? Please please please!!!!!

We only went to the outside and took photos. It's like so wtf! Since we're already there and why not we go in! Argh!

And I'm the only one being naughty here. Hahaha!!! My parents and my bro are like blocking the dwarfs. Ish! Yeslah I'm the giant lah and they're the dwarfs. Hahaha hehehehe =D

MAD AWESOME CHRISTMAS TREE with the stupid me! I was telling my bro how to snap my photo and the way he held the camera damn phail lor! Maybe I should learn how to camwhore with dslr. Hmm...

This horse is from the movie Troy kan? Hahaha!!! It was such hot day and I do not have a lens hood and therefore my photo sucks! Who wana sponsor me a hood for my lens? Hahahaha!

After taking a few snapshots of the place, we head over for lunch.

A not so nice restaurant. I mean the food. Not the restaurant. Probably I'm more of a western food eater so I do not enjoy most of my meal at China and Hong Kong.

After lunch, we went for something that looks like a LRT and the train took us around Shenzhen's Cultural Village. Will post about the Cultural Village on my next post. There's gonna be tons of photos. Hehehe =D

Next post will be up on Tuesday night I suppose. Til then~


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