Shenzhen Cultural Village

So here goes my post with the most photos, I think. Hehehe =D It's a half day tour at Shenzhen Cultural Village. It's a super duper hyper huge village that you will never finish walking! 

The main entrance of the village. How I wish our Cultural Village at Santubong is this big! Argh! Why lah Kuching has such huge land and yet they built such small cultural village for us!

This the map but something about the village also.

English version tour guide for bananas like me. Hahahaha!

Now that's the live tour guide. A very handsome one indeed. LOL Heeeeeee~~~ And yes that's the map of the whole village. Tell me that it's small. Lengzai in photo said if you were to go by bus number 11, you might need 2 to 3 hours =.= Just walk and see. Exclude shows and other performance.

Raaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took a photo with this dragon but I only realized it was in my digicam after I uploaded and edited this photo so now I'm just too lazy to upload and edit again. Use this one enough lah. Don't need to see me lan si face. Hahahaha! =P~

Lanternsssssssssss~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I want to have a huge tree like this at my own garden so that I can hang lanterns during Chinese New Year and snowflakes during Christmas. Hahaha! Chinese New Year is just 1 day away. FML!!!!

Ok since we were all lazy to use bus number 11, we all took this train instead. Hehehehe =D A blur shot by my tour guide. =.= Yes we have two tour guides. 

A super awesome damn swear it's natural lighting photo produced by my great dslr. Hahahahahaha!!!! I couldn't resist posting this here. Must show off gao gao!!!! And the train was actually moving when I took this photo!

Their cultural village even have mini houses and buildings and palaces!!!!! Damn syok lahh!!!! *emo-Kuching-don't-have-emo*

Yummeh candies~~~ Traditional candies. I do not know what do you call this in English. Phail banana! 

The strawberry version. Sour and sweet! Nice!!!!! I wanna have these again!!!!

Oh and besides the train ride, they too have donkey rides. Hahahha! Heeee horrrr!!!!

Me and the dragon statue which doesn't look like dragon from this angle. Phail again!

And even my mom turned into mini statue. Hahahahaha! =P~

Oh this one. I damn angry when I recall back the scene. The stupid no-manner lady kept pushing them to try on the costume and then still want to cheat my parent's money! Luckily my mom's maths is super good. Else if my dad's paying then sure kena cheat one. Then hor! They did not even say thank you after my parents paid. Walao eh!!!! Si beh rude!!!!

Ok better skip to next photo before I start to tell the whole story again. Argh!

And yes, an awesome photo of me taken by my bro. Hahahahaha! Weeeeeeee~~~ Me and my 9 ancestors! LOL I'm born a dragon and I'm born to love dragons~

This one is also a section in the village connecting to I-forgot-where.

Beautiful peacock!!!!!! This peacock damn haolien! We kept asking it to look at the camera and yet it kept showing me its butt. But last last kena snap also. Wahahahahahaha!!!!!

After the train ride and the free time for us to wander around, tour guide sent us to watch some show~

First show was the horses and knights and warriors and kings performance. They're remaking the story of last time China's war. I did not concentrate on the story cos I was just too busy focusing on the horses. Hahahaha! 

Do you know what I wished for at that time? A zoom lens =.=

The show was for about an hour I think. They did offer horse rides but no one wanna go for it and so I did not too. Hahahaha!

The next show was inside this indoor theater where no cameras are allowed =( Hence no single photo taken. Huuuuuuu~~~~ The show was China related stuff also lah. Tradition thing lah. War thing lah. Kingdom thing lah. 

Then after this show, we went for our dinner inside the village too! This village is like so huge that everything you want is available here! Man I miss this village!

After we had the not-so-great-but-ok dinner, we went for another performance.

Now this one is super geng!!!!!!! I rate this 200 out of 100!!!!! Hahahaha!!! Know why? Because of the awesome lightings and stage that can move and then got fountains!!!!!!!! Just look at those lanterns!!!!

And see how the stage moved to become like this and then got fountains and even a lady can stand inside the fountain!!!!! I SERIOUSLY SALUTE THEIR CREATIVITY!!!!!!

See great or not? I really love this performance!!!

Alright that's all about Shenzhen cultural village. It's a super awesome place to go if you're at Shenzhen! A MUST GO!!!!!


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