Shenzhen Museum

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!! May you huat huat huat more this year! Hahaha! I won't be posting anything regarding CNY cos I'm just too tired and lazy to upload the photos even into Facebook. So I'll continue my vacation post. Hehehe =D A very short one this time.

On the 3rd day of our trip, we went to Shenzhen's Museum in the morning. Man it's damn boring! I hate museum much! As you know, China is mainly about jades and arts. So yeah, the museum is filled with jades and arts *yawn*

We were given this pass when we enter. Hehe =) And I'm actually taking photos at the non-photo area. Haha! Blek! There's were tons of valuable jades but non can be taken photo of. So my camera stays inside my bag the whole time =(

This is the other section of the museum. They actually sells jewelries behind the museum! =O There's necklace and earrings and bracelets and of course jade bangles available.

Oh and the photo above, it's animal calls Pixiu. It has dragon head, horse body, I think it's tiger's legs and some other animal's tail. It's a combination of 4 animals. The interesting thing about this animal is not just the combination, it's how you place it at home and how you touch it. Hehehehe =D One rule, never ever touch the legs!

Anyway, the museum was way too boring that we left so much faster than usual. Hahahaha! Then we headed for shopping time!

Walking towards our shopping destination, I saw this attractive pagoda. IT'S ACTUALLY KFC!!!!!!! Can we have our KFC in a pagoda building too? Hahahaha!

And then I caught McDonalds too!!!!! Does this photo looks like it's a palace? =D Shopping time there wasn't any photo taken cos tour guide warned us to be careful with our belongings as there's lotsa snatch thieves since it's near to new year. So I kept my camera safe and sound inside my bag and hugged my bag the whole time. Hehehehe

After shopping surely will get hungry lah! Nom nom nom~~~~

Our lunch at Shenzhen~ They have fish at every single meal! And dang the fishes are seriously NOT NICE! Why? Because their fishes are the neutral water type. Neh go back to your geography and flip to the tasik air tawar page and read. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Whereas ours at Malaysia we have salt water fish~ Yum yum! Appreciate your fishes people! We have better fishes than China! Or is it that our fishes are filled with too much ajinomoto? Hahahaha!

Oh and this one here, it's good! Slurp~~~ Most of China's dish are tasteless. They do not have heavy taste like us here. That's why they're healthier and their skin damn nice lor =( Sad cos I'm so dark when I stand in the crowd. Huuuuuuuuuu~~~

Ok I go emo liaw. Nights! LOL


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