Birthday at Kado

So, my actual birthday arrived! This year I decided to celebrate it with 2 other friends who's just 2 and 3 days apart from mine! Oh Happy Birthday April Babies!!!!!

Made a reservation at Kado, our old gathering place. Still love that place after so long. =)

The attendees: Me, bf, Eve, Liang, Mund, Oliver, Joe, Teck, Mag, Benny, Thalia, Dru and 2 other friends =)

Now this beef steak is much nicer cos I had it 70% cooked! Yay! This time I remember!

Dru ordered yam samosa. Not bad =)

The only camera alert guy: Dru

And he just decided that he wanted to be a teacher that night at Kado. Oh forgive him. Sometimes he just forgot to take his med =P~

Edmund ordered my favourite dish at Kado. Beef burger!!! With extra cheese and egg! Yum!!!

Our cake. I had Eve to order it cos I've got no time to do all those with my hyper pack schedule. It's a black forest again! Heeee~ I surely had lotsa black forest cake this time.

Joe helping us to lit the candles~ =)

The trio that celebrated birthday together!!! Liang is 2 days away from mine and Eve is 3 days apart =D

Why the laughter? Cos Eve blew off our candles!!!!! 

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~ Chocolate chocolate chocolate they're all mine!!!!

Honestly I love this shot alot! It's so natural!!! Love their smiling faces~ Great friends make each other laugh and roll~ =)

The lovebirds~ Mr and Mrs Lim. Haha! I'm pretty sure I'll be receiving red card soon =P

Andrew the chef helped us cut the cake and distribute to everyone.

Love love love! I love my ST3P family!!!!! What will my day be without them? =) Hugs!!!


Jonathan said…
I love the pics!! Awesomes!!

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