Movies In Queue

My final exam is drawing near and yet I'm busy listing all the movies that I wanna watch =.= It's as if I've got nothing else to do. Ugh! I shall hibernate starting from 1st of May. Will leave my blog in the glass bottle for a month until I finish my exam. Well that's if I can do so. Or probably I'll just login to crap some stuff when I over-studied at night =D

So! Last night I was a lil too free that I went to facebook's new apps, the questions thing and answered several random questions. One of them was the 'Movies you've watched in 2010'. Hmm....thinking back I'm not a cinema person, I didn't watch that many movies eh.

But now I have got like 4 movies in queue to watch! And well, 1 is already up and the other 3 is coming soon. Oh heck how to do my revision like this!

The Fast and The Furious 5 is coming!!!!!!!!!!! This is a never-to-be-missed movie! I've got all the vcds for the previous ones. I love car racing movies to the max!!! Love the sound of the powerful engine and of course the macho men and sexy ladies! Ooo laa laa~~~ I can't wait for this one!!!

Limitless! A movie I've been hearing from Mix.Fm every single day!!! The story is something like a guy who suddenly have the ability to do and the knowledge of every single thing just because of a pill! This surely did caught my attention alot. Hmm....this Saturday probably? Heee~

Aha! This is a comedy! It's a Singaporean mix Hong Kong movie. About a family business that sells 'bak po'. Ok er...what's bak po in English??? Someone told me once but I forgot again =.= Anyway, the family somehow separated into 2 when the big boss passed away then they started their own business and then fight over stuff. I'm sure it's gonna be a great movie. You know how good Singaporeans are at comedies~

Last but not least, the latest movie by Donnie Yen! My new idol! Hahahaha! More to my bf's idol lah. He told me about this movie and I'm like 'hmm.....Donnie Yen? OK!'. Hahaha! Hey he's handsome what!!! =P~ I have no idea what is this movie gonna be about but it doesn't matter. Cos I'm just gonna accompany bf to watch this one =D

Now now, when to watch??? And do I even have the time to watch!!! =.=''' I'm still slacking away, not touching my notes. Aihhhh.......

Nevertheless, I vow to pass with distinction for all 3 papers! Good luck to me! Ciao~


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